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About Us


We are one of the best property and facility service providers in Switzerland with many projects and clients to testify. Give us a chance to serve you !

Our Philosophy :

We love what we do and do it best. We work with experienced handymen in all 26 cantons of Switzerland. Where ever you may be in Switzerland, our partner handymen will come to serve you.

Thinking about moving, throwing away old furniture, buying and assembling new Ikea furniture, or fitting ceiling lamps? Do not worry we are here to deliver all-round services for you and you will get a free non-binding offer from us in less than 24 hours.

Some of our team members have more than 10 years of experience as craftsmen in Switzerland. 

10 Year Experience

10 Year Experience





In addition to our partners

Our employees are constantly trained on new technical skills and how to better satisfy client needs. Whether a partner is assigned as the responsible technician for your project or an employee, it makes no difference because the service quality will be very high.


Our Technicians


Our technicians are divided into 2 groups: Employees and Partners.Our partners are independent craftsmen and go through a very tough selection procedure in order to work with us.

They have their own businesses and companies and are certified specialists in their fields. As such the quality of service delivery is always top-notch. In addition to our partners, we have our own employees who are experienced technicians.

Just like our partners, they also go through a very demanding recruitment and integration process that lasts for months. They come from different backgrounds and already with their own different experiences in the real estate field.

All-round Property and Facility Services


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