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Industries & Clients We Serve

Our experience lies across various industries across different sectors. Using this experience, we add value to the services of our clients using other sectors and companies as a benchmark. This gives our clients a conducive environment for them to stand out and excel at what they do.

Some of Our Clients

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We differentiate the Point of Sale (POS) of our clients. The POS is crucial to the overall success of any retail company. When your clients feel at home and appreciate the aesthetics of your point of sale, they will always come back to your shop.

Design, production, and installation of retail furniture and surfaces
Maintenance of the POS including the IT infrastructure
Consultation and advice on payment infrastructure
Logistics handling and after-sale services such as outsourcing the after-sales desk
Supporting our clients in understanding their own clients (Market research and consumer behavior)
All-round maintenance of the whole Point of sale experience and locale.

Construction & Logistics

Commercial and residential real estate construction companies trust us with their different projects across Switzerland. We support them throughout the real estate lifecycle and ensure that high-standard buildings respecting MINERGIE standards are erected.

Architectural designs of buildings respecting the highest standards of the international and Swiss construction laws
General contractor taking care of the whole construction lifecycle from foundation to construction, transactions, and maintenance
Sub-contractor for various aspects of the construction sector such as sanitary installations, electrical installations, different refurbishments, and others.
Transaction advisory including situational analysis and sales/purchase or real estate.
Construction logistics and management


Hotels, restaurants and property management enterprises benefit from diverse services that are tailored toward their needs and expectations.

Hotel design and interior decorations
Furniture design, production, assembly and maintenance
General hotel maintenance including technical installations
Event assistance and coordination
Reception desk management
Outsourced management of hotel brands
Kitchen design and construction

Office & General Administration

Our office clients come from a variety of sectors and engage with us to manage and maintain their offices as well as ensure that their employees are comfortable while doing their jobs.

All-round office facility services
General office maintenance
Consulting for different projects around the office
Remodeling and renovations of offices
Cleaning, food service and general office hygiene
Logistic support of offices

Other Sectors:

Our clients also come from a variety of sectors including but not limited to the following.

Chemical industries
Chemical industries
Food, drink, tobacco
Food, drink, tobacco
Postal and telecommunications
Postal and telecommunications
Media, culture, graphical
Media, culture, graphical
Education Sector
Education Sector
Public service
Public service
Shipping, ports, fisheries, inland waterways
Shipping, ports, fisheries, inland waterways
Financial services; professional services
Financial services; professional services
Oil and gas production, oil refining
Oil and gas production, oil refining
Utilities including water, gas, electricity
Utilities including water, gas, electricity
Airports, train stations, and bus stations.
Airports, train stations, and bus stations.
Textiles; clothing; leather; footwear
Textiles; clothing; leather; footwear

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