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Our many years of experience means that we have executed different projects under different circumstances. Here are a few of some of our past projects. If you require a specific service reference, please do call us.

Client: Maisons du Monde

Our role: General Contractor

Location: Villeneuve

Project Size: Shop Remodeling

Duration of project: 6 weeks

Year of project: 2021

Commercial Remodeling

Our client is a European furniture and indoor decorations retailer present in many countries in Europe. Each season in a shop comes with its own products as such, it is always important to remodify the shop space in order to adapt the new presentations.

Working together with our main client, CAPS group, we helped Maisons du monde modify one of their shop spaces so as to accommodate their new marketing campaign. Together with our different partners, we were able to deliver excellent services in record time.


Office Flooring

Our client, an innovative IT startup in Zurich, contacted us to floor their newly rented offices. We immediately began working on this project as they had already purchased the flooring design of their choice. We completed this project in just two weeks.

This client was so pleased that they have now made us their go to contractor for any and every single project they may have in their office building. This is what we call the bonus for quality service.

Client: An Innovative Lab in Zurich

Our role: General Contractor

Location: Zurich

Project Size: Office Space Flooring

Duration of project: 2 weeks

Year of project: 2022


Plumbing – Water Heating Systems

We received a distress call from our client who is a Global jewellery retailer that operates more than 2,300 stores in about 17 countries. One of their stores in Geneva had a broken water boiler that needed an urgent solution.

After visiting the site, we noticed the boiler was broken and needed replacement. More to this the new boiler has to adapt to their current electrical and sanitary installations. Together with our delivery partners, we proposed a replacement that will meet the needs of the client and make sure the team has hot water.

This is the result of cooperation and industry know-how.

Client: Global Jewellery retailer

Our role: General Contractor

Location: Geneva

Duration of project: 2 weeks

Year of project: 2022

Service Partner: A. Desplats SA


Electrical Maintenance

As a result of an electrical failure there were no lights in the shop of our client in Geneva. Majority of the bulbs were off.

They needed us to organize a replacement service as soon as possible. We immediately began work with our in-house electrician, we took the necessary measurements and placed an express order for the lights. And in just under 5 days, the shop went back to being illuminated. And this made our client very pleased.

Client: Global Jewelry Retailer

Our role: General Contractor

Location: Geneva

Project Size: Electrical Repairs

Duration of project: 2 weeks

Year of project: 2022


Client: Private Client

Our role: General Contractor

Location: Zurich

Project Size: Wallpaper Installation

Duration of project: 2 weeks

Year of project: 2020

Wallpaper Installation

Our client, A private individual, wanted to install a specific wallpaper on one of the walls in a room. The wallpaper was chosen, designed, and printed by the client.

Our task was to mount this special wallpaper on the wall and make sure it matches with the aesthetics of the room. Our in-house technicians delivered the project in 3 days and our client was very satisfied.


Marketing Campaign

Our clients at Optima Retail needed us to prepare marketing campaign materials for their clients at the Mango clothing store.

The job description was to remove vinyls from 5 small metraquilate display cubes. Insert already printed vinyls on 5 small metraquilate display cubes and Connect the advertising totem to the power supply. This was a very important project and every single detail mattered because it was a huge part of Mango’s marketing.

We started this project and completed it under 6 days and received accolades from Optima Retail, who in turn received commendation from their client at Mango on a task well executed.

Client: Optima Retail

Our role: General Contractor

Location: Zurich

Project Size: Marketing campaign materials

Duration of project: 2 weeks

Year of project: 2022


Villa Renovation

Our client bought a villa in Lausanne and needed to do some renovation to make the villa blend with her taste and modern. She contacted us to do some painting and indoor modifications.

We visited the client and designed a sketch of her future villa. She was very pleased with our 3D sketch and decided to move ahead with it. 

We worked together with our partners and the service was delivered smoothly. The client was very happy with her new home.

Client: Private Client

Our role: General Contractor

Location: Laussane

Project Size: Renovating a Villa

Duration of project: 2 weeks

Year of project: 2020



Our client is a well-known global fortune 500 company with operations around the world. They needed help with the lighting in one of their rooms in order to know the final output and the electrical organization.

Our electrical engineering team immediately got to work, working together with the manager, a detailed and thorough simulation was carried out using the different lights available in the market. After this, the client could easily choose the right light necessary for their project.

We are happy only when our clients are happy.

Client: Fortune 500 Company

Our role: Consultant

Location: Zurich

Project Size: Electrical Consulting

Duration of project: 2 Months

Year of project: 2023


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