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Our Story

We started maintenance services as a hobby, as a means to have pocket money during our studies. Over the years, we have succeeded to turn our hobby into our mission: Support companies and individuals take care of their assets.

  • March 2015

    Getting Started

    We are simply two university students, doing odd jobs after school in Geneva

  • April 2015

    Officially Founded

    Our official founding year for this venture was in Geneva Switzerland

  • June 2016

    First Contract

    Our first big contract: Renovation of a villa

  • February 2017

    First Milestone Achieved

    Our first milestone: more than 50 small jobs executed since the founding

  • March 2018

    Moved To Zurich

    We move our activities to Zurich Switzerland

  • June 2019

    First Corporate Client

    We have our first Corporate client – We are responsible for maintaining more than 30 shops throughout Switzerland.

  • March 2020

    Covid 19

    Mr Corona Virus is here, our clients need us to build their home offices. We increase to 5

  • April 2021

    Our First Big Acquisition

    We acquire Rickna Real Estate Group GmbH and changed its name to Mobile Handyman GmbH

  • June 2022

    Growing Our Team

    Our team is growing, we are now 11, We recruit more specialists like HVAC technicians and electricians.

  • Feb 2023

    Enhancing Services

    We include consulting, outsourcing, Procurement in our services as a result of popular demand from our clients.

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