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Consulting Services For Businesses In Switzerland

As a competent partner for all your real estate and asset needs, we accompany our clients in various aspects by offering industry-and business-specific consulting services taking into account the specific operational environment of our clients.

Environment, Health & Safety Management and Consulting Service

EHS standards from both government and international bodies enhance the sustainable use and interaction with the environment where we exercise our activities.

Our team of EHS experts can help you in many aspects:

Design, develop, and implement EHS standards within your company
Auditing your existing EHS standards
Test and measure the air quality within specific environments (indoor and outdoor)
Analysis of Hazardous materials and waste management
Noise levels and energy conservation standards
Emergency preparedness and response
Structural safety and project infrastructure
Personal protective equipment
Facility design, organization, and operation.
Workplace quality of life and organization

To keep it simple, Our EHS consulting service makes your employees healthy & happy at work while keeping the environment sustainable.


Asset Maintenance Strategy

Do you have different assets across continents or locations and are not sure how to maintain them and extend their lifespans? We help you put in place a strategy and plan on how to keep your business running at all times.


Our asset maintenance consulting services help you in many ways:

Choosing the right applications and software that fit your asset maintenance needs
Building custom-made asset maintenance applications
Analyze your current asset maintenance strategy
Develop and implement a practical asset maintenance strategy
Data collection and analysis for predictive asset maintenance

Space Solutions

We design, source, and assemble modern spaces while respecting EHS standards at your company. We adapt your space to your tastes/needs and make sure that you get maximum satisfaction.

What you’ll get with our space solutions and management service:

Custom-made design solutions for your office, shop, restaurant or hotel
Producing and assembling custom-made furniture and shop designs
Analyzing the conformity of your current spaces to your EHS standards.
Exploring, developing, and analyzing renovations project
2D/3D designs of your spaces by our in-house interior designers

Making it possible for each M2 of space to count while enhancing aesthetics and environmental standards and the people that work on there is our prime objective.

Space Management

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All-Round Property Maintenance & Facility Services Switzerland

Consulting Service

Portfolio management

You have a portfolio of different buildings scattered around the world and are looking for the best partner to manage these buildings from a single shop. Then smile, your search is over. With our collection of real estate consultants, we handle your real estate portfolio by combining analysis with physical maintenance.

Market rental analysis, maintenance planning, and property valuation
Benchmarking according to leading property indexes
Real estate portfolio analysis and strategy development

Helping you make sense of how different market conditions affect your real estate portfolio and how you can position your portfolio is key to our portfolio consulting service.

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All-Round Property Maintenance & Facility Services Switzerland

Transaction Consultancy

Whether you want to buy, sell or rent real estate, we help you in the process. We support you in the search making sure you get the best possible real estate taking into account your needs.

Situational analysis of buildings
Market research and environmental analysis
Due diligence in real estate transactions
Agenda setting, preparation of different sales documentation
Agenda setting, preparation of different sales documentation
Administrative support in all your real estate transactions.

We help our clients acquire value not visible to others in their real estate transactions.


Operational Excellence

Are your real estate operations making the best possible use of your real estate assets? We help you answer all these questions through our operational excellence consulting service.

Operational strategy analysis
Identification of possibilities for maximum space usage
Space Conversion plans and approval by the necessary authorities

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All-Round Property Maintenance & Facility Services Switzerland

Asset Life Cycle Consulting

Expensive assets such as machines, systems, and data rooms need constant analysis to ensure that their lifecycle is prolonged and extended if possible. After our asset lifecycle analysis, you will be able to identify all the areas you may need to work on in order to extend the lifecycle of your asset.

Identification of bottlenecks and issues that prevent optimal asset functionality.
Recommendations to improve its functionality
Organizing training and events to empower your staff on asset operations.
Designing a replacement program, refurbishment project or repair action, or a complete life cycle management program involving all options

We help our clients acquire value not visible to others in their real estate transactions.

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