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We manage your projects and activities according to industry standards. As your trusted partner in outsourcing, we ensure that you concentrate on your core business while we take care of the other aspects.



Trust us with your on-time maintenance. We maintain your assets, shops, offices, labs, production plants, and data rooms according to the highest standards


We take care of your renovation projects from design to completion using the most eco-friendly materials and including MINERGIE standards. Working together with our partners, vendors, and suppliers, we renovate according to plan after approval by the concerned authorities.


Transport and Logistics

Do you require regular deliveries of supplies or need a trusted partner to navigate the complexities of dealing with importing and exporting? We help you in this case. With our outsourcing service, we ensure you have the right supplies at the right place at the right time. This helps you dedicate your internal resources to other core needs while having a guarantee from a trusted partner.

“Our Just In Time Inventory handling delivers the right items at the right place at the right time. Reducing bottlenecks and costs and ensuring that you benefit from other support services in our network”


We act as a general contractor for your construction projects. From architectural designs to validating the plans with the local city government and fully executing the project. We support you throughout the project lifecycle and ensure that your construction project comes to live at the planned time and within the planned resources.


Facility Services

Facility is not just about cleaning. It’s more about all the small activities that will support you and your employees to make sure that they are happy at work and work in an environment that complies with your in-house EHS Standards. We support you in the whole process by carrying our research with your employees, putting in place the plans necessary and fully executing them.

Support Services

Our support services are varied and include services such as check-in, call canter outsourcing, security, baggage handling, VIP transport, event services, and more. Outsource your support tasks to us and we take care of the rest while you concentrate on your core business. We advise you throughout the whole process including the material acquisition and setup.

Support Services
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