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Procurement Consultation and Management Service

Supporting our clients to procure the necessary resources needed for their business is a core part of what we do. We purchase goods from various vendors, in the global market for our clients. This makes it possible for us to take care of all the complicated procedures in the marketplace such as forwarding, customs, exchange rates, and more.

Give us your resource needs
Propose a deadline that fits your availability
We give you a quote including delivery to your address
We navigate the whole process of procurement
Your goods/services are delivered at your desired address

Our Dedicated Procurement Service

“Using our dedicated procurement service enables our clients to reduce procurement costs by almost 30% in the long run. In addition, our clients focus on their main business when getting the right resources, they require”

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Sharon Koko
Head Corporate Clients Services

Phone:  +41 43 550 75 88 (Direct extension 400)

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